We recently moved to Saint Charles, Missouri from Chicago. My husband went on a business trip last month and couldn’t tell me enough about your restaurant!! He promised he would take me and last Saturday, the 27th of October was my lucky day!!

Your kind staff might just remember me; I am the one who just couldn’t get over what a phenomenal place you have so my mouth was hanging open the entire time and I was taking pictures of everything and everyone!! I ordered the Chef Salad as I am a vegetarian and when the kind waitress brought it to me, I could not believe how big it was!! My husband’s meatloaf was better than mine (and trust me, he doesn’t have the guts to say that often) and the Pass a Rounds were to die for!! I have never in my 28 years of life (yep, I am SO lying on how many years of life I have truly had)ever experienced such a jaw-dropping array of fantastic food, a truly enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere and genuine kindness all around!!

We cannot wait to go back!!

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to say thank you to all of you!!

Steve and LuAnn M.