To whom it may concern:

I want to tell you about our recent experience with your restaurant! My Dad passed away on Friday April 1st, 2011. The following Saturday night to celebrate his 70th birthday, we took about 30 people to your restaurant. We didn’t get sat down until 9:00(the time that you close). You stayed open for us and waited on us even though you didn”t have too. Your staff was more than friendly and compassionate to all of us. They waited on us like they had no place else to go. We didn’t feel rushed or hurried at all. You never see that in today”s world. I just want you to know how appreciated it was. I personally talked with the manager Mike. I told him the same thing that I am telling you. In our time of loss and mourning, you made us smile and laugh for an hour or so. May GOD bless you and your business. May He multiply your customers and business!

Thanks again,
Keven Foulk