Just wanted you to know that our family had a most memorable evening at Lambert’s in Foley, Alabama last August thanks in part to our waitress, Monica. My dad and step-mother are residents of Gulf Shores and our family from Kingston, Tennessee finally got to make a trip together to the beach and for the youngest member of our family to meet his great-grandparents. (Our oldest grandchild had already met them and we had celebrated with a trip to Lamberts in 2008 and 2009).

Our visits always include a trip to Lamberts and this one was no different except that it may be the last one that my step-mother may be able to do. Her health is rapidly declining and we knew at the time that this was a possibility. It meant so much to us that we had such a wonderful time. Monica was so much fun with the ‘helpings’ of potatoes and a can of prune juice for my husband 🙂 and the ‘critter’ in the can for the grandchildren. 🙂

Just wanted you to know what a great team of people you have that make wonderful memories for your patrons!

The Gambles
Kingston, TN

PS My husband & I came back in November and visited Lambert’s alone and had the opportunity to tell Monica how much our visit in August had meant.