I remember my first trip to Lambert’s in May of 1982. My parents and I went with some family friends who lived in nearby Bertrand, Missouri. I remember being amazed by the rolls being thrown by Norm. He threw one to me and it hit the window sill! Since then, I have been to the Sikeston location many times. My wife, Jenny, and I took our three and a half month old daughter, Katie, in for a visit. Jenny had never been to Lambert’s and she has declared it her favorite place. She was amazed by the fast service and portions of food served. Katie, whom I know will not remember this, had a song played for her by the great Geneva. We requested ” Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Needless to say, Katie and I danced while she played. I can’t wait when she gets older and starts catching rolls. These are the times to treasure and I will definitely bring them both back. Thank you guys for a wonderful experience.