My first trip to Lambert’s was awesome! Not only did I get to enjoy the atmosphere (ducking thrown rolls) but the method of transportation to the restaurant was incredible: We flew! We set out from Evansville, Indiana around 4:45 on Friday, August 22nd.

  1. The first picture shows (L) Zach S., Me (R) Ryan H. and Tammy H. Ryan was the pilot for the evening.
  2. The second picture is me and my dinner. I warmed up on 1.5 rolls and okra, not knowing the salad was going to be as big as my head. Needless to say, I was stuffed by the time we left and wondering if the plane was going to make it off the ground!
  3. The third picture is my boyfriend Zach and myself.
  4. The fourth picture is Tammy and Ryan.
  5. The fifth picture is our beautiful sunset as we drove back to Evansville and arrived before 9 pm!
You have an incredible restaurant that is welcoming and warm to everyone that enters.

Stephanie H.

Evansville, Indiana