Dear Lamberts,

I was raised in St. Louis, MO and had always heard of this place named Lamberts in Sikeston where they threw your rolls at you. I thought it sounded like a fun place to eat, but never made it down there. In 2001 I moved to Paducah, KY, but it wasn’t until January of 2005 that I went to Lamberts for he first time. My husband and I had gone to Memphis for our honeymoon and on the way home he took me to Lamberts in Sikeston, knowing that I had never been there before. I fell in love immediately. The atmosphere was great and everyone was so friendly. And the food . . .phenomenal! It was delicious and had that great home-cooked-with-love taste. And I could not get over the gigantic portions! After packing up our “doggie bags” we knew that there would be many more trips (and many more “doggie bags”) to Lamberts in the years ahead.

Now, we bring our children and they love it as much as my husband and I do. My son and step-daughter would both be perfectly happy making an entire meal out of just your rolls. My husband and I treasure the memories that have been created on our many family trips to Lamberts, and look forward to catching many more rolls in the future. Thank you Lamberts for welcoming us into your home and making us feel like your family.

Heather F.
Paducah, KY

p.s. The first pic is of my step-daughter, Adrianna, when she was six years old. She was enjoying her very first throwed roll. She caught it all by herself and could not have been prouder. The other pic is of my son, Nathan, when he was a year old. He had already worked his way though his own roll when my camera caught him trying to steal his daddy’s soda.