When we got there (about 7PM), it looked like there were 100 people waiting outside. We were told about 1 hour wait (they were pretty spot on). Figured it was worth it and we were right.Yes, they do literally chuck rolls at you. From across the room. With pretty good aim. Don’t worry, they also come around with more. :)What a great idea to serve the drinks in huge mugs. The place was packed and the last thing a server is going to want to mess with is refilling drinks. I also don’t like waiting for refills.As soon as you sit down, servers start coming around with dishes of food to put on your plate, or napkin if you haven’t gotten there yet. We got fried okra (amazing!) and rolls on napkins. I had the chicken tenders and they were excellent! I also had a side that came around of potatoes and onions. Buttery goodness.There is an option to buy a plate and eat the food that comes around. I might do that next time. It all looked delish and I was so full!Bring your appetite because you’ll need it! Also bring cash, because they don’t accept cards or checks, but there is an ATM machine in the front.Great atmosphere, we had a great time! Already planning a special trip to their location in MO… 🙂

– Leigh H.