About Lambert's Cafe

Earl and Agnes Lambert

March 13, 1942

Earl and Agnes Lambert with 14 cents between them, borrowed $1500 from Tish Jones and with 5 employees opened for business in a small building on South Main Street in Sikeston Missouri. It consisted of a 9 stool counter and 8 tables for a total seating capacity of 41 people. Their policy of serving vegetables, meat and dessert was immediately established. These were trying years for everyone, World War II and severe rationing made restaurant operation extremely difficult. The war years were greeted with many meatless days and supplies of all kinds were in short supply --- but somehow and some way they were able to hang on.

Original Lambert's Cafe, US Hwy 61, Sikeston, Missouri.

Earl Lambert passed away in 1976, and his son Norman and wife Patti, entered into the restaurant business as partners to Agnes Lambert, who still worked eight hours a day, six days a week.