Lambert's Cafe Menu - Sikeston, Missouri

PERFECT SIDES T HE “O RIGINAL ” L AMBERT ’ S On March 13, 1942, Earl and Agnes Lambert, with 14 cents between them, borrowed fifteen hundred dollars from Tish Jones. In a small building and with 5 employees, they opened on South Main Street. The cafe had a 9-stool counter and 8 tables for a seating capacity of 41. Their policy of serving vegetables, meat & dessert was immediately established. These were trying years for everyone. World War II and severe rationing made restaurant operations extremely difficult. The war years saw many meatless days and pantry staples were in short supply. Earl and Agnes, through hard work and long hours, made Lambert’s THE place to be during the Forties and Fifties for what was happening in politics, sports, local gossip and--above all--great food. If you traveled Highway 61 in those days, you knew you could count on a great steak, freshly prepared vegetables and an eye-popping piece of pie--no matter what time of day. COUNTRY FRIED ROUND STEAK Really - the old fashioned round steak! Served with mashed potatoes covered with milk gravy and add your choice of 2 sides and ol’ Norm’s pass arounds!!! 14.49 W S MEATLOAF Made from scratch everyday, just like mom’s. Served with mashed potatoes and 2 sides of your choice. Plus the the pass arounds. 13.99 E ROAST BEEF Old fashioned pot roast piled up with mashed potatoes and 2 sides of your choice along with Norm’s pass arounds! 13.99 D S W HOT BEEF SANDWICH An open faced pot roast sandwich with gravy. Served with mashed potatoes, cole slaw and all the pass arounds. 13.99 Beef: S W Gravy: D S W HAMBURGER STEAK 100% ground beef topped with sautéed peppers, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes, smothered in gravy and served with 2 sides and those great pass arounds. 13.99 Gravy: D S W Sautèed Veg: S B D CHICKEN POT PIE Savory chicken pot pie, made from scratch everyday and served with 2 sides and all the great pass arounds. 13.99 W D S Y HOG JOWL Our famous smoked Hog Jowl sliced thick and deep fried, piled high and served with 2 sides of your choice and pass arounds. 13.99 CHICKEN TENDERS Hand breaded, all white meat tenderloins. Deep-fried and served with gravy, honey mustard, or BBQ sauce. However you like. 2 veggies and the pass arounds make this one of our customers’ favorites over and over again. 13.99 W CHARBROILED CHICKEN BREAST A whole bone-in chicken breast charbroiled and served with your choice of 2 sides. Save room for the pass arounds! 13.99 NS CHICKEN& DUMPLINGS Prepared from scratch and hand rolled every day, these have been a staple of our menu for over 70 years. Served with 2 sides, plus the pass arounds. 13.99 W D E Y CENTER CUT HAM STEAK EXTRA SPECIAL SIDES JUST EXCELLENT! - The old fashioned bone-in-center sliced ham. Served in a skillet with 2 sides and ole’ Norm’s pass arounds. 15.99 D SB COUNTRY HAM STEAK This ham is tough as a Drill Sergeant!! A nice slice of salt-cured ham straight from the smokehouse and served with 2 sides plus the pass arounds. 14.99 D SB RIBEYE STEAK A thick cut (16 oz.) of hand trimmed premium rib loin, charbroiled to the perfect temperature and served with 2 sides and pass arounds. 22.99 BARBEQUE RIBS Excellent! A full slab of the best loin back pork ribs money can buy. Served with 2 sides and pass arounds. Full Slab 21.99 Half Slab 15.99 PORK CHOPS Center-cut pork chops, deep-fried or grilled. Pick 3 veggies to go with this classic. Save room for the pass arounds, ’cause you get those, too! 13.99 Chops: W D Gravy: D W BBQ PORK STEAK A fresh cut pork steak (from a real nice ol’ hog). You get your choice of 3 sides and all of Lambert’s pass arounds. You’ll see why this is one of our top sellers. 13.99 FRIED CATFISH We start with fresh pond-raised, MADE-in-the-USA catfish, roll it in meal and deep fry it until it’s just right. Served with cornbread or hushpuppies, a slice of onion and 2 sides. Not to memtion all those pass arounds! 16.99 Catfish: W Tartar Sauce: S E Hushpuppies: W D S E Pineapple Walnut Salad 2.49 Side Salad 2.99 Loaded Baked Potato 3.49 Fried Apples 99¢ Have a pass around plate, and enjoy just the pass arounds. 9.99 Corn S D Baked Potato (Loaded: add 2.50 D SB ) Green Beans Sliced Beets Cole Slaw E S Hot Rolls W E Y S D & Sorghum Macaroni S W & Tomatoes Fried Potatoes & Onions Black-Eyed Peas Fried Okra W Apple Butter Cornbread W D E S Turnip Greens Candied Yams Cottage Cheese D Baby Carrots S D Potato Salad E Homemade Mashed Potatoes D Cold Chunky Applesauce Cucumbers & Onions Sliced Peaches Baked Beans White Beans NOTICE! Visa and Mastercard are accepted (for a 2% convenience fee). All are Checks Welcome. ATM Available at Entrance and in the Gift Shop. SHRIMP DINNER Fresh, hand-breaded & deep-fried. Throw in 2 sides, plus all the pass arounds, and you’re gonna love our shrimp dinner. 17.49 Shrimp: W SF D Y Cocktail Sauce: S A generous amount of white and dark fried chicken, piled up and served with 2 sides. 13.99 W All white meat, add 1.00 GOLDEN FRIED CHICKEN FROG LEGS A pile of ’em, deep-fried and practically jumping off the plate! Served with cornbread and onions, 2 veggies, and the pass arounds. If you haven’t had them in a while, you need to try these! 16.99 W D SIKESTON, MISSOURI CHICKENWINGS A heaping plate of fried chicken wings and 2 sides of your choice. Plus all the pass arounds. 13.99 W COMMON ALLERGEN WARNINGS: N-Nitrates • Y-Yeast • D-Dairy • F-Fish • SF-Shellfish • Nuts NS-Nonstick Spray • S-Soy • SB-Soybeans • W-Wheat • E-Eggs